Workshop: Creating Dynamic Pastels with Aline Ordman

Date:  February 3rd, 2024 9:00am-4:00pm
Location:  virtual
Cost:  $100 APS Members, $125 Non-Members

Email Mark Grasso at to reserve your spot today.  

(# of students required – minimum 8 and maximum 12)

Painting is learning to see.  Often, we paint what we think we see because we all have  preconceived notions of what something looks like.  However, to really paint what you see, you must break down everything you are looking at into just abstract shapes.  Don’t see a “house”, see a series of interlocking shapes.

Working from their own photo references, students will transform these into pastel paintings using the principles of color, value and design.  Along with daily painting demonstrations, Aline will emphasize the understanding of color in terms of temperature, intensity and value while translating those ideas using pastel or oil technique.  Individual attention and group critiques will serve to help students in their efforts.

Aline’s Website:

How to reserve your spot?

1) Send an email to reserve your spot, and;
2) Make checks payable to ADIRONDACK PASTEL SOCIETY ($100 or $125 based on your membership status.) and mail them to the address below to confirm your spot (APS members will be given priority through December 31st then it will be opened up to all).  Refunds will be based on being able to fill your spot with those on the waitlist…obviously, if we do not  hold the workshop, your check/money will be returned. Any further questions, email Mark. 
Adirondack Pastel Society
c/o Ronnie Benware
14 Thistlewood Dr
Queenbury, NY 12804


Joann Quinlivan Workshop

Date:  July 15th, 2023 10am – 4pm
Location:  LARAC Mountain Gallery – 21 Bay St., Glens Falls, NY
Cost:  $100 APS Members, $125 Non-Members

Email Mark Grasso at to reserve your spot today.  

Learning to Paint Landscape Using Pastel (For Beginners to Advanced)

In this workshop, students will learn to paint a landscape with pastels, using the students own reference photos. The student will create a painting in their own style, while leaning about light sources and color vibrancy. They will learn about and be creating thumbnail sketches to show how to edit and block in a painting, while using a reference photo. Joann will do a demonstration and discuss finding a focal point and a strong composition. There will be discussion about various pastels, different paper and techniques.  Each student will be given individual attention as they work. This workshop will be informative and a lot of fun! 

Please email Mark Grasso at to reserve your spot today.  Please let me know if you are a member (with paid up dues) or non-member when you sign up. You can mail your check made payable to the Adirondack Pastel Society to: Ronnie Benware, 14 Thistlewood Drive, Glens Falls, NY 12804.

Karen Israel headshot

Virtual Workshop with Karen Israel

January 21, 2023

10-12:30 and 1-3:30

Based on the upstate NY uncertain wintry weather and member suggestions, we have a great virtual workshop scheduled this winter with award winning artist Karen Israel. The topic will be dramatic winter and autumn landscapes. The fee is only $100 for the day…..PLUS – Karen will provide recordings of her demos and answer follow up questions for two weeks after the workshop.
Karen’s Bio & website:

Let’s get loose and learn to create dramatic landscape paintings that communicate your unique interpretation of an autumn and a winter scene. Starting with a demo and a discussion about design, we will explore composition, color and atmospheric perspective as it relates to landscape painting in the colder months.

# of students – minimum 5 and maximum 12

To get on the waitlist, send an email

“Building the Clothed Figure from a Nude”

January 22 & 23, 2022

10:00 – 4:00

LOCATION: Sandy Hill Arts Center or on Zoom


214 Main Street

Hudson Falls, NY 12839

Corey Pitkin PSA, IAPS-MC will be giving a 2 – day hybrid virtual/studio workshop this Winter  If you are interested in attending this workshop, please send a check for $200 for (members) and $250 (non-members) by Jan 3rd, 2022   

Minimum of 6 attendees with a maximum of 15.  Cancellation:  Once you have been registered into the workshop, we will be unable to give refunds unless we can find someone to fill your spot.

Questions can be sent to Mark Grasso at  

Workshop Description:

They say that the clothes make the man, but artists know that you have to make the man first! In this 2-day workshop Corey Pitkin will guide students through the process of constructing a realistically clothed figure starting from the nude on day 1 and on day 2 working with the model clothed in the same pose. Pitkin will show his process of building the figure using large forms and basic anatomy, how to edit what you see to simplify complex folds and patterns, and how the anatomy of the model informs how the clothing sits on top of the form. Students will be able to study in-person at the Sandy Hill Arts Center or online on Zoom. All students will receive recordings of the Zoom presentation to review for 1 year.

Materials List:

Soft pastels, preferably in the Earth Tone range. Some examples are:

Unison Natural Earth (NE)
Unison Brown Earth (BE)
Terry Ludwig Umber Shadows and Shades
Terry Ludwig Maggie Price Grays
Richeson Hand-rolled Soft Pastels Earth Browns

Willow charcoal (I recommend Coates)

Assorted pastel & charcoal pencils

1 piece of sanded pastel paper, student’s preference, any color but white. Corey will be using UART dark 400 grit

1 piece of drawing paper, white, same size as sanded pastel paper

1 piece of tracing paper, same size as sanded pastel paper 

A drawing board and clips or tape

A kneaded eraser